Charter Responsibilities

Our responsibilities to you

  • We are committed to giving you the best possible service. This will be achieved by working together. You will be treated as a partner in the care and attention you receive.
  • You will be treated as an individual and will be given courtesy and respect at all times, irrespective of your gender, age, ethnic origin, religious belief, social class, personal attributes or the nature of your health problems.
  • Following discussion you will receive the most appropriate care, given by suitably qualified people. No care or treatment will be given without your informed consent.
  • We run an appointment system in this practice. You will be given a time at which the doctor or nurse hopes to be able to see you.
  • We will try to ensure that you are seen on time but some consultations take longer than others and we have no way of knowing about this in advance. If there is a patient with an emergency or a serious problem we will give them priority. When there is a prolonged delay an explanation will be given by the receptionist.
  • We will provide you with information about how to make suggestions or complaints about the care we offer.  We want to improve services; we will therefore welcome any comments you have.
  • We will try to answer the phone promptly and to ensure that there is sufficient staff to do this.
  • If you have undergone tests or x-rays ordered by the practice, you may contact us after the required interval to obtain your results.
  • If we consider that you need a second opinion or treatment not available in the practice we will try to inform you of the best way of achieving this.
  • We will give you full information about the services we offer. Every effort will be made to ensure that you receive that information which directly affects your health and the care being offered.
  • People involved in your care will give you their names and ensure that you know how to contact them.
  • It is our job to give you treatment and advice. In the interest of your health it is important for you to understand all the information given to you.
  • We will arrange a home visit as appropriate for those patients who are too ill or infirm to be brought to the surgery.
  • The practice will offer patients advice and information on:
  • Steps they can take to promote good health and avoid illness
  • Self help which can be undertaken in the case of minor ailments
  • If you are dissatisfied with us, or with the services we provide, you have the right at any time to leave our list and register with another practice.

Your responsibilities to us

  • Help us to help you
  • Being a partner with you in regards to your health means that we have responsibilities to each other.
  • We ask that you treat the doctors, all practice staff and their families with courtesy and respect.
  • We would ask you to try to follow the medical advice we offer and to take any medication as advised.
  • Please do everything you can to keep appointments, tell us as soon as possible if you cannot attend to allow us to use your appointment slot for another patient.
  • Please try to be punctual; if you arrive later than your appointment time you may not be seen.  Please ask for more than one appointment if you want more than one patient seen.
  • If we are running late please be patient, as on another occasion it might be you that needs the extra time. Please do not blame the receptionists.
  • Please keep your phone calls brief and if possible try to avoid calling during peak morning time (before 10.00 a.m.) for non-urgent matters.
  • Enquiries about tests ordered by the hospital should be directed to the hospital, not the practice.
  • Before arranging a private specialist appointment, please discuss the matter fully with your own doctor.
  • If you decide later that you no longer need a hospital appointment made for you, please inform both the hospital and us.
  • Please let us know if you change your name, address or contact details
  • Please request a home visit only if the patient cannot be brought to the surgery. In particular, most children can quite safely be brought to the surgery by car. Please ensure that your request for a home visit reaches the surgery before 10.30 a.m. unless a genuine emergency arises later.
  • Outside of surgery hours GMED provides cover for emergencies at all times, but please do not call out of hours unless it is about an emergency which cannot wait until the next day. 
  • You are responsible for your own health and that of your children and should take appropriate action and advice.

We have the right to have patients removed from our list. In general we will only exercise this right in the case of patients who repeatedly and persistently ignore their own responsibilities to us and to other patients.